Forthcoming Events

7-9 June 2022 - 7th World Congress on Adult Capacity

From Tuesday 7th to Thursday 9th June 2022 the 7th World Congress on Adult Capacity will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. More information can be found on

23-28 October 2022 - AsunciĆ³n General Congress - International Academy of Comparative Law

From 23-28 October 2022 the International Academy for Comparative Law organizes its General Conference 2022 in Paraguay. One of the themes is 'The protection of the adult and respect for his/her autonomy'. General rapporteurs are Masha Antokolskaia (Amsterdam), Ursula Basset (Buenos Aires) & Wendy Schrama (Utrecht). Many national rapporteurs have been willing to write a country report. You can find their names here: At the conference the results of this research will be presented.